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We've just posted a photo essay on the construction site of Nashville's new ballpark ... Did you know that you can access our past Big League Ballpark Notes? If you're looking to do research, check out a summary of our news items on the 2014 Archives page ... My extended feature article on ballpark food (that originally appeared in USA Today Sports Weekly) can be read here for free.

A new home for the Sounds

After many, many years of waiting (not to mention year after year spent in one of the worst facilities in Triple-A baseball), the Nashville Sounds are getting a new park. We were given a tour of the construction site, so come take a look!

Joe on
the go

I had high hopes for a big week, but I was plagued by rainouts in VA and TN. See the list of where I *did* see games here ... Next up for me: Myrtle Beach 8/26, Charleston, SC 8/27 and the presentation of our Ballpark of the Year award in El Paso 8/28.

Award ceremony for BOTY

The presentation of the plaque for the 2014 Ballpark Of The Year will occur on August 28, just before the El Paso Chihuahuas' game against Salt Lake. Southwest University Park has had a tremendous year of great games, big crowds and some of the best concessions in the Minors. This award will be icing on an already successful cake!

Big League ballpark notes

I'm overjoyed that Cleveland's League Park, once the home of the Indians, has received $6.3 million in renovations. It had fallen into an awful state of disrepair ... The owners of the rooftoops across the street from Wrigley Field (left) have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the Cubs' plans to renovate the 100-year-old ballpark, including the erection of signs that will block much of the view from the rooftops ... Although they won't release the cost, the Indians announced that major renovations will be made to Progressive Field. About 7,000 seats will be removed, and a new entryway and group spaces will be added ... No sooner did the A's sign a ten-year lease extension to stay in Oakland, the team's owner said that they are looking at building a new park in the parking lots of their current home, Coliseum.


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